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Knowledge of pest control: How to get rid of cockroaches?
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It’s not easy to get rid of cockroaches, and maybe you’ve already tried several methods, but the problem persists.
You might be wondering: Which are the best cockroach sticky trap? Let’s find out.
Haierc provides you with tips on how to increase trapping opportunities and finally get rid of those sneaky cockroaches.
Cockroach Glue Trap is a physical device for attracting and trapping cockroaches. This product contains attractants and has the dual functions of trapping and monitoring.

Advantages of using cockroach traps:
1. Low cost.
2. Easy to set up.
3. No unpleasant smell.
4. No contact with cockroaches.
5. Most cockroach traps are non-toxic.
6. Can be used in places off the beaten track.

How does it work?
Best trap locations: kitchen, pantry, bathroom, inside cabinets, below sink and faucet areas, garage, storage rooms, beside and behind refrigerator.

Step 1: Open the package and take out a cockroach glue trap.
Step 2: Tear off the protective film on the adhesive.
Step 3: Put the attractant in the circular indicator circle.
Step 4: Fold both sides along the dotted line in the figure.
Step 5: Fold into the shape as shown.
Step 6: Insert in the middle position, put in the corresponding position, trap cockroaches.

If you want to know more details, please contact us! Thank you!

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