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Knowledge of pest control: Termite Baits and Traps
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Ridding your home of termites can take a variety of forms. There are various methods of pest control that can be effective on these creatures. Knowing what kind of termite is invading your home, and where they are the most prevalent can help solve your problem.

Termites mostly feed on wood, but they will eat other types of household material. Cellulose, paper and insulation are some additional food sources. Seeing a swarm of termites near your foundation or openings to your house is a clue. This is often a sign that there are termites present in your home. Despite their size, termites are quick to destroy wood and wooden structures, so if you see any termite evidence, you need to eradicate the problem immediately.

One way to temporarily control termites is by using baits and traps. Baits are chemicals that the termites find as food sources, and bring back to the colony to share. This usually will kill or sterilize a large number of termites. Keeping the bait stations filled is essential for this method to work. Otherwise, the termites may not return to the stations once they find them empty. Traps are used to attract termites with bait as a food source, and then trapping them inside to be killed. Baiting and trapping termites can be very complex and can require extensive knowledge before using them as a solution.

Both of these solutions are good for temporary treatment of termites. Be sure to read the instructions on the labels of the baits and traps, and handle these methods safely.

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