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Haierc Highly Effective Sticky Trap Yellow Sticky Insect Trap HC4206
  • Haierc Highly Effective Sticky Trap Yellow Sticky Insect Trap HC4206
Haierc Highly Effective Sticky Trap Yellow Sticky Insect Trap HC4206
Items NO.: HC4206
Color: Yellow
Features: High-quality, Disposable, Good Stickiness
Control Type: Various Small Pests, Beetles, Earwigs, Flies, Moths, etc.
Used For: All kinds of farmland, forest farms, orchards, greenhouses, gardens, animal farms, etc.
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Yellow Sticker Insect Trap 

Yellow Sticky Insect Trap is an ideal pest trap. It is sticky, odorless, ready to use, safe and hygienic. Yellow Sticky Insect Trap is an environmentally friendly product, not affected by weather changes, durable, reusable, non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly.

Yellow sticker insect trap specially designed for flying plant pests that like yellow color and easily trap them.Great for capturing aphids, leaf miners, fungus gnats, thrips, white flies, midges,etc. Yellow sticker insect traps are ideal for flowers and vegetables, balconies, gardens, orchards, greenhouses.Safe to use indoors and outdoors with no negative effect on the environment.

1. Carefully open the yellow sticky insect trap.
2. Place it in an insect-infested place.
3. Once the trap is full of pests, replace it with a new one.

Our Advantages

UV Resistant adhesive will not dry up, waterproof and heat resistant.Can be used for any crop in any season. Lasts all the year round, even in rain, or until completely coated with dust.

2.Strong sticky
The glue is strong enough to hold a 600 ml bottle of water even when it is wet.

Non-toxic glue, high quality PVC material and degradation material, will not cause harm to the environment.


Item No.    HC4206
Size   24x17cm
Material    PVC+Glue
Color  Yellow
Packing  10Pcs/Ctn, 48Boxes/Ctn
Use For Catch Mass Insect.
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