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Haierc Easy to Use Rodent Control Mole Trap/Vole Trap/Gopher Trap HC2420
  • Haierc Easy to Use Rodent Control Mole Trap/Vole Trap/Gopher Trap HC2420
Haierc Easy to Use Rodent Control Mole Trap/Vole Trap/Gopher Trap HC2420
Items NO.: HC2420
Color: Silver For Chose
Features: Humane, Reusable, Sustainable
Control Type: Catch The Wild Vole, Gopher, Mole And Similar Animals
Used For: Lawn, Fields, Nursery, Yard, Garden.
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If you are looking for the best gopher traps on the market, look no further.

Mole trap eliminates the guess work of moles in lawns, yards and gardens. Mole trap is the most effective mole removal product on the market. It eliminates the hazards of using toxic or chemical substances and is effective for all kinds of moles in the world! Mole Trap is a simple, highly sensitive mole gopher control trap. Observe the mole's path and the mound of earth it has arched up, and place the mole's traps in the vicinity of the mole's burrow.Easy foot stepping motion to set trap safely underground. Giving the mole a fatal blow when it gets close to the trap.

1. Always handle the mole trap carefully and avoid pinching your fingers.

2. Please place the mole trap out of the reach of children and pets.

3. After setting the mole trap, do not touch it with your hands.

4. If you want to release the trap, use wooden sticks or other tools.

Our Advantage

1. Durable Design
Made of durable and long-lasting fully metal. Each mole trap can be reused for a long time.Different from other traps, Haierc mole trap can be easily reset after each capture, and it is weather resistant, which can effectively control moles.

2. Easy to Use
This easy mole trap is very simple because it can kill the moles that damage your yard. And reusable traps can protect your yard from moles.

3.Long Lasting
This mole trap has been plated with zinc plating, which has been proven to be highly rust-resistant and will ensure that your trap last for long time.

It is very effective at removing lawn damaging moles, and they are extremely safe due to their underground placement.

Color   Silver
Item No.   HC2420
Material   Steel
Size   40x13x4cm
Use ForCatch The Wild Vole, Gopher, Mole And Similar Animals
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