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  • Haierc Plastic Anti Bird Spikes HC1101-W4S
  • Haierc Plastic Anti Bird Spikes HC1101-W4S
  • Haierc Plastic Anti Bird Spikes HC1101-W4S
  • Haierc Plastic Anti Bird Spikes HC1101-W4S
Haierc Plastic Anti Bird Spikes HC1101-W4S
Items NO.: HC1101-W4S
Color: Transparent
Features: Long lasting, humane, nearly invisible bird control products. Works from light to heavy bird pressure. Extremely strong and versatile bird control products. Easily glued or screwed to any substrate.
Control Type: Pigeons, Sparrows, Starlings, Crows, Bird
Used For: Commercial, Industrial, Residential Settings, Ancient City, Ancient Architecture, House Roof, Electric Building
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Install bird spikes on the surfaces where pest bird roosting and nesting bother you.Pest birds such as pigeons and gulls like a flat surface to land on and bird spikes like our Plastic base stainless bird spikes prevent them from landing to gain a foothold. The bird spikes flexible base allows it to conform to both flat and arched areas, making it a very effective bird control product for use in areas with differing bird pressure.

Use:Edges & Ledges,Window-Sills,Rooftops,Parapets,Cornices,Beams,Girders,Lights,Towers,Masts,Aerials,Porches, Awnings,Doors & Entryways.

Used for:
1.Keeps pets in - stops animals&intruders from jumping fences.
2.Stops cats&possums from climbing up trees.
3.Prevents birds from destorying TV aerials and other structures.
4.Cover all possible landing areas on buildings with Haierc Bird Spikes.


Our Advantages

1.Easy to Install
There are holes on the bird spikes base for easy installation. Glue, screws, etc. can be applied quickly and easily. Please wear protective gloves when handling and installing bird nails.

Bird spikes are both effective and humane. They not only prevent birds and other animals from landing and roosting, but also do not cause serious damage to them.

3.Polycarbonate Base
Long lasting,almost invisible, the length of the anti-bird spikes can be customized.

Base   UV Treatment PC
Item No.   HC1101-W4S
Base Length   Normal 50cm
Coverage Area   180mm
Pin Material   Stainless Steel
Dia   1.3mm
Between Pins   2.6cm
Height   110mm
Base Thickness   1.97mm
Base Width   14mm/40mm
Normal Packing   100pcs/Ctn
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