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  • OEM Disposable Fly Trap Bag Fly Pest Control, Flies Killer Bottle HC4215N3
OEM Disposable Fly Trap Bag Fly Pest Control, Flies Killer Bottle HC4215N3
Items NO.: HC4215N3
Color: Yellow+Green
Features: 1.ECO-friendly. 2.Catches multiple species. 3.Multiple designs to meet your demand. 4.Customized designs, OEM & ODM service.
Control Type: Flies
Used For: Trash Bins, Compost Piles, Animal Pens, Gardens, Schools, Factories, Residential Areas, Parks.
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Fly Trap Bag can lasts longer and more durable, it has a good effect of catching flies.Attracts flies from a 20 foot radius.Traps and holds 50,000 flies. The unique Attractant is 100% Biodegrading and no harmful chemicals or pesticides, the special formula attractant are non-toxic and environmentally safe. The attractant dissolves and activates when water is added into the bag. Lured by the scent,flies enter the trap through the yellow top cap and down into the water.The flies drown in closed plastic bags. It does not pollute the environment and does not produce odors.  

How does it work?

Step 1
Tear along the dotted line of the black circle,Be careful not to tear the area outside the circle.

Step 2
Pour two-thirds of the bag of water along the torn area.

Step 3
Tether, hung in places where flies often hide.  

Our Advantage

1.Fashion design,100% brand new, high quality.

2.Easy to use and sanitary.

3.Safe, Non-toxic & Effective.

4.One-time product, easy to use and put.

5.The rainproof effect is obvious, and the attractant is easy to spread.


Material   PP+PET
Item No.   HC4215N3
Size   21*21cm/21x28cm/21x40cm
Color   Yellow+Green
Packing   100Pcs/Ctn
Use for   Catching Flies,Safe And Non-Toxic, Easy To Use And Sanitary.
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