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  • Haierc Mouse Glue Trap HC2306
  • Haierc Mouse Glue Trap HC2306
  • Haierc Mouse Glue Trap HC2306
  • Haierc Mouse Glue Trap HC2306
  • Haierc Mouse Glue Trap HC2306
Haierc Mouse Glue Trap HC2306
Items NO.: HC2306
Color: Black
Features: High-quality, Disposable, Stocked
Control Type: Rat, Mouse, Hamster, Gopher, Chipmunk
Used For: Indoor, Outdoor
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Mouse Glue Trap

Rodent glue board trap is a kind of rat control that does not use any kind of pesticides or chemicals. It can be used in where poisons or snap traps are prohibited or discouraged, residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, indoors in places not readily accessible to pets and children.

Take out the rodent glue board trap, open the sticky rat board and place it in the passage, wall and corner where the rat is often seen, and dispose of it after catching the mouse. If there are more mice, increase the dosage according to the situation. If necessary, fix the sticky glue board trap, and use it with bait for better effect.

Our Advantages

1.Super Sticky
Using the strongest mousetrap can catch mice and mice more effectively. It is easier to catch mice, unlike other mice and mouse glue traps that allow pests to escape. Even the big mouse can hardly escape. It is suitable for catching mice, snakes, spiders, cockroaches and other small animals.

2.Thickened Cardboard
Thicker cardboard prevents it from being dragged away by the mouse.

3.More Safe
Poison free odourless.Natural materials are safe for your family and pets, no chemicals and toxic compounds,super environmentally friendly.Great for use in homes,yard,restaurants,bars,offices etc.

Under normal circumstances, the sticky mouse trap can be effective for a whole year. Sticky traps can also be used in cold and humid environments. The perfect glue trap for rats, snakes, centipedes or other rodents and insects.

5.Easy to Use
Easy to open and fold, just place it indoors, in kitchens, offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, behind household appliances, under sinks, in garages, near garbage areas, etc.

6.Suitable for All Applications
Mousetraps can be used in residences, restaurants, warehouses or industrial buildings, indoors and outdoors, and areas where the use of pesticides is not required or prohibited.


Glue   35g
Item No.   HC2306
Size   19.6x13.5x2.5cm
Color  Black
Packing  2Pcs/Box,48Boxes/Ctn
Use For Catch/Stick All Kinds Of Rat,Mouse and Other Similar Small Animals
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