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  • Haierc Multi Catch Rat Trap HC2501D
  • Haierc Multi Catch Rat Trap HC2501D
  • Haierc Multi Catch Rat Trap HC2501D
  • Haierc Multi Catch Rat Trap HC2501D
  • Haierc Multi Catch Rat Trap HC2501D
Haierc Multi Catch Rat Trap HC2501D
Items NO.: HC2501D
Color: Silver For chose
Features: Eco-Friendly, Reusable, Safe to Use
Control Type: Rat, Mouse, Mice
Used For: Indoor, Outdoor
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Multi Catch Rat Trap

Rodents – most commonly mice and rats – are some of the most nettlesome pests. These creatures live wherever humans live, especially in urban areas. Mice and rats have acute hearing. They are sensitive to ultrasound, and hold a highly developed sense of smell. Haierc rodent control products are designed to attack these special senses, which are scientifically proven to be effective in keeping mice and rats away from treated areas.

Haierc Company has been manufacturing and selling Rodent Control Products for more than 10 years and has more than 200 kinds of rodent control products.

The multi catch mouse trap has double viewports,entry height is 4.4cm, width is 4.9cm and it opens on both sides. The mouse will step on the assigned mechanism pedal regardless of which side it enters. Take advantage of rats' habit of burrowing and let them capture themselves into multi catch mouse trap, especially suitable for catching small mice, just place the trap in a level and active area and wait for the rat to enter. The window is easy to observe and can be used for density detection and certification of food factory and drug factory.

Our Advantages

1.Simple and Easy to Operate
Put the attractant in the multi catch mouse trap, and place the multi catch mouse trap in the corner, wall, and channel where the rodents are active. Then just wait for them to enter the trap by themselves.

2.Double Viewport
The multi catch mouse trap has double viewport. It's easier for people to spot mice, and find out the number of rats.

3.Larger Capacity
Can accommodate more and larger mice, which is more practical in places with lots of mouse.

4.Advanced Materials
Made of durable high-grade galvanized sheet materials.Which is anti-weathering, anti-sun, anti-rain and durable. 

5.Durable Design
Made of durable and long-lasting fully galvanized metal. Each mole trap can be reused for a long time.Different from other traps, Haierc multi catch mouse trap can be easily reset after each capture, and it is weather resistant, efficient and environmentally friendly.which can effectively control mouse.


Material  Galvanized Sheet
Item No.   HC2501D
Size  36.3x16.1x6.1cm
Color   Silver
Use For   Catching Mouse
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